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 The Orcs ppl

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PostSubject: The Orcs ppl   Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:25 pm

Lifespan: 200 years if they don't die from something else first (illness, violence, accident etc)

Skin: It can range from dark brown to dark tan. But some races of Orc have gray green skin.

Hair: Their hair is usually dark brown or black. But it can be any color that a human's hair can be.

Average Face: They grow tusk-like teeth that can protrude from their lower jaw past their lips. Their ears are pointed and arched backwards, giving an almost drooping appearance. The eye color can be red, purple, yellow and any color that a human's eyes can be.

Height & Build: They are are 6 to 7 and a half feet tall, with women and men being roughly the same height. They tend to be more muscular than the average human

Info: Outside of their homeland they are seen as kin to the Ogres and Goblins and are treated as such, therefor outside of their homeland many Orcs work as mercenaries or laborers due to lack of opportunity. As for their own territory, they strongly prefer peace to war but they've almost never lost a sustained conflict.
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The Orcs ppl
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