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 Soul Eaten and Night Walkers

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PostSubject: Soul Eaten and Night Walkers   Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:20 pm

Night Walker
Group, Solitary, Amorphous
HP: 6 Armor: 0
Grab: 1d6 damage. Roll 2d6, on double 1's take a debility of gm's choice.
Tentacle: d10 damage
Possess: 2d20, on double 1's you're possessed for 1d6 rounds.
Close, Reach
Afraid of light. Impossible to hit without magic/magical weapons if not in a completely solid state.

Creatures of shadow and darkness. They come out in darkened rooms and at night. They take the form of tentacles reaching from the shadows if the area is too small to fulling form into their shadowy humanoid shape. They're dangerous and can turn people and animals into Soul Eaten. There might literally be monsters under your bed.

Soul Eaten
Add 3 HP to the base HP of whatever the creature is.
Add Spit (2d6 damage) or
Add Tentacles (d10) or
Add Teleport (20ft)

Humans and animals who have been killed by Night Walkers. They gain monstrous forms and generally come out at night. Many wild animals have become Soul Eaten because they don't have the protection of fire and man made light.
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Soul Eaten and Night Walkers
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