The Sacred Light

A guide to the world of Emora
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Followers of the Sun

Founded around the time that the Night Walkers showed up, they have gained influence and renown due to their willingness to help far flung and remote towns and people.
Leader: Senka (Orc, cleric)

Core beliefs:

  • The sun is a manifestation of the Gods of light and power.
  • The Night Walkers are evil and must be cast out whenever possible.
  • The creatures of the shadows, particularly the Soul Eaten must be vanquished to allow their souls to pass on to the next life.
  • Be honorable in all area of life (don't steal, kill etc)
  • Warriors that have taken the oath must not give in to pleasures of the flesh.

Perceivers of Dusk

Founded shortly after the arrival of the Night Walkers. The organization is well funded by those who know of it, and even by members of the group itself, to continue it's research. The organization hopes to one day understand the enemy, and then exploit weaknesses found to push the shadows back if peace can not be found within coexistence.
Leader: Cornelius Brax (Human, Wizard)
Core Beliefs:
[list][*]Shades or "Night Walkers", while possibly misunderstood, are currently a threat to all life. Everyone must err on the side of caution when dealing with these creatures.
[*]Knowledge is power against the unknown.
[*]Soul eaten are abominations that must be put out of their misery and allowed to rest if possible. Otherwise they are to be avoided.
[*]All knowledge found is always free and used to help the masses at the Library of Dusk.
[*]All life is sacred, and should be protected in one form or another. Anything that goes against this simple fact is to be disarmed. (this includes the Shades, however if they don't wish to coexist then they are the latter and must be dealt with.)

Location: Follow the path from the village of Darkwell. You will pass through the domain of the Shaal Alari elves (A large forest with several elven cities within. They don't mind travelers as long as you adhere to the laws of the forests.) and soon after reach the walls of Clearfell. (A large fortress city with walls between the northern and western lands ((To the north is Shaal Alari territory, and to the west is the bogs of Moorehollow.)) the eastern and southern sections of the city are guarded by a sheer cliff that drops into crashing waters below.) inside Clearfell you will find a Library that is as old as the city, This library is the headquarters of the Perceivers of Dusk.
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